today i saw

a bluejay then a bright cardinal, then three deer in the front yard in an unusual place.

i saw a cute card with a cat and a dog, from my mommy, that arrived in the mail and did, indeed, make me feel better.

i saw my former boss at jail and have a lot to process.

i saw wal-mart, jeebus help me, on xmas eve eve.

march night wind

not only is the tall, bare, lithe deciduous(maple?) swaying and bending and waving in the air like she just don't care, but even the nearby squat laden pine is shaking shifting shimmying her snowy cancan-ruffle skirts about her.

wordy, no? :D

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it's almost like spring out there. nearly 50 degrees, light rain, breeze.
i know now why i can't find a copy of Bridge to Terabithia around here. i haven't read it in ...uh... 7 to 10 years? and that's as it should be.
now i need to find Iggie's House and A Summer to Die. and the Al books, such as I Know You, Al.
going through REALLY old GUDU posts and have to keep remembering not to comment. heh.

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sorry, canadian friends: "kraft dinner" is always gonna be funny. here in PA USA my family had breakfast, lunch, and supper. dinner is when you got fancy, went somewhere else, had glassware, placemats - the whole table setting and put better clothes on. XD
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